Silken 2021 105 Victoria RD, Cape Town 22.04.21- 03.05.21  Wet dawn, 2021 Thread woven, silk, steel What of lust undiced, 2021 Dyed Silk, canvas, steel, shell Silken ladder, 2021 Silk, silk organza, steel Fountain, 2021 Dyed Silk, leather cord, steel Into crime, 2021 Dyed silk, organza, steel, leather cord, dyed beeswax
Upcoming 18. 08. 22 RAMA DA SASA SAY SO AND, a duo show curated by Maya Coline with myself & ChloĆ© Royer, hosted by Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris 25. 08. 22 Art o rama, Marseilles 18.09.22 Group show with Kerstin Bratsch, Felix Breidenbach and Jan Huskes Hinterconti, Hamburg 02.23- 06.23 Resident at Morpho, Antwerp News Roaring Shelters, 10n, Brussels, May 2022 (duo show with Jacopo Pagin) Miart, Fitzpatrick Gallery with Octagon, Milan, April 2022 Turn to liquid, Pracownia Portretu, Lodz, September 2021 (duo show with Machteld Rullens)
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