The Still 2021 Lokal Int, Biel 28.10.21- 04.11.21 In most cases, the recipe for Absinthe is composed of two parts Artemisia Absinthium one part anis, one part fennel seeds and an array of other herbs can be added to this mixture. There has historically been speculation around Artemisia Absinthium as being psychoactive, for its high thujone content. Artemisia Afra is a sister plant to Artemisia Absinthium and comes from Southern Africa, both plants are highly medicinal. Artemisia Afra is thought to contain three times the amount of thujone as its sister plant. I formed a mixture of a modified version of Absinthe replacing Artemisia Absinthium with Artemisia Afra; and added fennel seed and green anis. I left it soaking in pure alcohol, where the mix macerated for four days. I carried these jars to Switzerland. When I arrived the the liquid had turned insanely green. The show was part of a longer research trip generously supported by Prohelvetia Johannesburg.
Upcoming 18. 08. 22 RAMA DA SASA SAY SO AND, a duo show curated by Maya Coline with myself & ChloĆ© Royer, hosted by Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris 25. 08. 22 Art o rama, Marseilles 18.09.22 Group show with Kerstin Bratsch, Felix Breidenbach and Jan Huskes Hinterconti, Hamburg 02.23- 06.23 Resident at Morpho, Antwerp News Roaring Shelters, 10n, Brussels, May 2022 (duo show with Jacopo Pagin) Miart, Fitzpatrick Gallery with Octagon, Milan, April 2022 Turn to liquid, Pracownia Portretu, Lodz, September 2021 (duo show with Machteld Rullens)
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