Antonia Brown

Liver Heat



Piet Zwart, Rotterdam


A latch that secreted the door

Eucalyptus and agapanthus dyed cloth, chainmail mesh,

braid, steel, photographic collage



Cabbage and avocado dyed cloth,

polyester padding, collage, steel


You are free and error

Alkanna dyed cloth, turmeric, woven metal thread collage, steel


Log (sympathy for the overworked digestive tract)

Plaster, turmeric, vodka, anis oil, fennel seed, artemisia afra, alkanna, wax


Temper (After Maria Falconetti in Le Passion Jeanne d’arc)

Digitised 16mm film 4’10, plaster, turmeric, collage, steel,

manila copal, dyed cloth